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Timbangan Digital, Kita mengenal Timbangan Digital .sebagai alat ukur untuk satuan berat.Dibandingkan dengan jaman dulu yang masih meggunakan Timbangan Analog atau Manual , Timbangan Digital .dinilai memiliki fungsi lebih sebagai alat ukur, diantaranya Timbangan Digital.lebih akurat,presisi,akuntable ( bisa menyimpan hasil dari setiap penimbangan ),berikut adalah katalog katalog kami untuk produk Timbangan Digital...

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Admin 8th Apr 2013

The T302X is a super-precision, legal-for-trade load cell ideal for weighbridge and hopper weighing applications: A compact design that fits almost anywhere. Leading 5000d OIML accuracy. IP69K sealing and robust surge suppression. Full 2-year warranty. 22.5 and 45 tonne capacities. Choose the T302X for new or retrofit installations where reliability, accuracy and ease of installation count.

Merek Type Kapasitas
AVERY AVERY T302X 22.5 tonne and 45 tonne

Administrator 6th Apr 2013

Features * Advanced multi-function indicator, suitable for the most complex industrial weighing applications * Wide range of Serial, Ethernet and optional FieldBus interfaces allows simple, low cost connection to operating networks and peripheral devices * Weighing, counting, checkweighing, recipe/filling (100 recipes/20 steps), totalising, peak hold, remote display, in-motion weighing, comprehensive weighbridge operations, multi-level pack runs and weight conversion applications as standard * Alpha-numeric keypad (plus PS/2 keyboard interface) features 5 function keys and 300 PLUs for easier operation of most popular applications * Up to 16 fully flexible inputs and outputs – can replace a PLC for a simpler, more reliable system

Merek Type Kapasitas
AVERY AVERY E1205 ----

Admin 4th Apr 2013

* Digital weight indicator, suitable for all simple industrial weighing applications * Incorporates weighing, counting, checkweighing, recipe/batching (single recipe), totalising, peak hold and remote display applications as standard * Single function key for faster configuration and operation * 3 inputs for remote activation of keyboard functions plus 3 configurable weight-based trips for simple process control * Built-in rechargeable battery provides 25 hours of autonomous operation, ideal for remote or portable applications

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