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Timbangan Digital, Kita mengenal Timbangan Digital .sebagai alat ukur untuk satuan berat.Dibandingkan dengan jaman dulu yang masih meggunakan Timbangan Analog atau Manual , Timbangan Digital .dinilai memiliki fungsi lebih sebagai alat ukur, diantaranya Timbangan Digital.lebih akurat,presisi,akuntable ( bisa menyimpan hasil dari setiap penimbangan ),berikut adalah katalog katalog kami untuk produk Timbangan Digital...

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Admin 8th Apr 2013

Built-in rechargeable battery and external power adapter (included) Stainless steel platform, pillar, indicator, and housing 1" red LED display IP-67 Adjustable stainless steel feet with rubber inserts Auto-calibration function, automatic power save Option: RS-232 Weighing unit: kg, lb

Merek Type Kapasitas
gsc SGW-7000SS 150kg x 0.01kg 300kg x 0,02kg

Administrator 6th Apr 2013

The new GST-9700 weighing indicator fulfill all these requirements. Build to meet or exceed CE, Canadian, the U.S and other various regulations, these tough dependable indicators shall impress you with their performance and ease of handling.

Merek Type Kapasitas
GSC GST-9700 -----

Admin 4th Apr 2013

The GST-9602 are high performance weighing indicators that offer memory for 100 setpoint sets. The 100 codes. memory information blocks contain: Final Weight, Free Fall, Preliminary, Over and under weighing,, Accumulated weight and count totals for each set point.

Merek Type Kapasitas
GSC GSC GST-9602 -

Admin 4th Apr 2013

GSC knows what you are looking for a weighing indicator-Accuracy, Dependability in envirements, up-to-data features for fast and trouble-free use-All at a REASONABLE PRICE.

Merek Type Kapasitas
GSC GSC GST-9600 -

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