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Timbangan Digital, Kita mengenal Timbangan Digital .sebagai alat ukur untuk satuan berat.Dibandingkan dengan jaman dulu yang masih meggunakan Timbangan Analog atau Manual , Timbangan Digital .dinilai memiliki fungsi lebih sebagai alat ukur, diantaranya Timbangan Digital.lebih akurat,presisi,akuntable ( bisa menyimpan hasil dari setiap penimbangan ),berikut adalah katalog katalog kami untuk produk Timbangan Digital...

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Admin 8th Apr 2013

Valor 1000W Series portable scales offer unsurpassed protection and durability for precision weighing, check weighing, portioning and other basic weighing needs. Standard software includes check weighing, accumulation and kg & lb weighing units Economic Food Portioning Scale Stabilisation time under 2 secs Internal rechargeable battery & front and rear displays Weighing (2 units) accumulation Checkweighing

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Admin 4th Apr 2013

The OHAUS Pioneer™ Series of analytical and precision balances are designed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications. With the right combination of performance and features, the OHAUS Pioneer™ offers uncomplicated performance for all your basic weighing needs.

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Admin 4th Apr 2013

Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 2000’s high resolution, 30 item library data storage function and auto-optimization software that reduces errors and ensures accuracy. Easily navigate the menu setup area and view the three backlit LCD displays, including a centrally located count display, that make Ranger Count 2000 easy to use while performing advanced operations. Ranger Count 2000 produces accurate results within one second. The rapid stabilization virtually eliminates your wait time and allows you to move at a pace determined by you and not your weighing equipment.

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Admin 4th Apr 2013

The OHAUS PAJ Gold Series balance family offers a compact design with a large stainless steel weighing pan. Full featured and easy to use, these gram scales offer capacity to 4100g with readability to 0.01g (NTEP readability of 0.1g). Additional Models: Three vibration filter modes and adjustable zero tracking adjust balance sensitivity to environmental disturbances or application requirements. Parts counting mode, bright backlit LCD display with cast aluminum housing base and stainless steel weighing pan, includes RS232 connectivity and weigh-below hook. NTEP models with 0.1g legal for trade certified readability.

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OHAUS PAJ1003 400g x 0,001g

Admin 4th Apr 2013

OHAUS MB Series Moisture Analyzers combine high quality and durable construction into sleek, compact designs. The MB Series offer dependable, accurate, results for a wide variety of applications. Fast, easy to use, compact halogen analyser

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OHAUS MB25 110g

Admin 4th Apr 2013

Basic Level Dry-Use Bench Scale Basic Level Bench Scales are ideal for general industrial use in dry applications and feature a stainless steel pan, painted steel construction with a high-impact ABS indicator. Application modes include weighing, simple parts counting, and weighs in lb, oz, lb:oz, g or kg units.

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OHAUS DEFENDER 3000 150lb/60kg

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